Thursday, August 09, 2007

Wish Me Luck! (Chemo Scheduled Tomorrow)

This is a quick note as it is late and I need to hit the hay.

I'm scheduled for chemo tomorrow or actually today, so we leave early for Grand Junction. We hope to head over to Buena Vista aterward for the Contin-Tail, a rock swap. I told my husband Robert I can just as easily recover from chemo in the back seat of the car and a motel room as easily (almost) as I can at home.

I have two requests of the universe: better non-alcoholic wine and designer Depends. Is there some wine-maker out there who can do a better job with non-alcoholic wine? Fre is not so bad. Non-alcholic beer is pretty good. My friends tell me they're sorry that I can't drink - the oncologist said no alcohol while on chemo, and besides it's bad for your liver. Anyway, I remind them that with all the drugs I'm taking, I'm having a better time than anyone. Drugs can be fun, but I would give anything to have a day when I get to be "straight". Save drugs for when you really need them.

Okay, I have to go take a pill. Actually about six.

Thanks again everyone for everything. It's been a little hard staying positive this week, but I usually win that battle. Sometimes I just have to talk myself into it.

I owe a lot of people cards, calls, e-mails and I am so behind. I just wrote three postcards and can't find them. Chemo brain. My nose (septum) and esophagus hurt. If those tissues have worn away, it really worries me about what is happening to my brain. I have becmoe a real clutz. I drop things constantly or knock them over or catch things on my sleeve. I miss having hair more than I thought I would. Robert doesn't like me to wear wigs, and they would be hot now. I'm going to get one of them restyled. Okay, enough whining. I do know lots of people who have it worse than me.

Don't tell my husband this, but George Swift from senior meals is my new boyfriend. We've sat by each other on the bus to senior meals the last two weeks (the bus is really the senior van). Last week George kissed my hand, but he also kissed the new lady the week before. George is about 90 old, but he doesn't mind that I have a walker now.

Well hell, it's time to get up and go to Grand Junction, and I haven't slept. I can sleep on the way. That'll make Robert happy because he doesn't really like me to talk in the car.

Sincerely, Caroline

P.S. I tried to download some photos, but I couldn't figure out how. Google wanted me to sign some agreement, and I'll try to figure that out later.

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Mary Anne said...

Hi Caroline,
Sounds like you have really been having problems lately. Sorry to hear that. Hope the trip away will help you. I pray for you all the time and hope the Folfax will do its job. Hang in there. god Bless Mary Anne