Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I'm flying out tomorrow moring early for Dallas to attend my sister Suzie's 40th (really her 41st) class reunion in Duncanville, TX. My sister Diane will be joining us as well - this would be her 40th reunion. It would be my 35th. I am staying with my classmate from Duncanville, Margaret Park Thomas and her daughter Taylor (thanks ladies). It'll be fun to see people from Suzie's class and some friends my age as well.

I was able to have chemo last Friday. Blood counts were good or close to normal. We went to a movie afterwards, Becoming Jane, about Jane Austin and spent the night in Grand Junction. On Saturday, I was able to attend my retreat, and Robert ran errands and saw The Bourne Ultimatimum. We liked both movies very much. I went down with chemo side effects on Saturday night and couldn't do my radio show on Sunday. I started coming out of it on Monday. I think I got psyched about a trip to Montrose to see my radiation oncologist and his nurse who are awesome.

I saw my radiation oncologist on Monday. I told him that I thought my "radiation recall" was due to my bowling last winter/spring. He said to continue doing the things I love. So I hope to get back into bowling this fall. With my physical therapy, I think my leg should bend enough to bowl or I can request that the Elks let me use a wheelchair. I got one of those big plastic balls at physical therapy and I really like doing PT on it. I can do otherexercises, too, lying down.

We have friends in town from Delaware - Steve & Ruth and their boys Chad & Ryan. Steve is going to let me borrow a bass guitar of his which I've always wanted to take up. The boys are really good at baseball, and Chad is an expert on trains. Steve & Ruth are great parents.

We also had friends in town that I know from Duncanville: Clifton and Bobette (Brattis) Hyman and Jim & Phala (Bryant) Watkins?.

I still have a bunch of packing to do. We have to leave by 7 am tomorrow morning.

Thanks again to everyone for your love and suipport.

Sincerely, Caroline

P.S. My radio show is 1pm-4pm CDT on your dial at 98.9, KURA, Ouray, Colorado or can be streamed at (I have no idea how to do the stream.) The phone number at KURA is 970-325-7289.

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