Wednesday, August 22, 2007


First of all, I've been trying to blog all last week and it wouldn't let me change some things on the dashboard. I want to set up permanent photos and web links, and I just can't get it do any of that . If anyone can help me with this, please let me know. I need to contact the help desk, too.

Hairless Photo in front of Mt. Abrams: Here I am about 5 miles north of Ouray. I may have cancer, but when I look at these mountains, I sure don't want to leave this earth. The cemetery is on the left of the photograph. Thanks to Glenda Moore, whose husband has done well on my current chemo regimen of FOLFOX, for taking me out to the cemetery today to check on the headstone. Just a little bird poop and a few weeds grown up around it. We've had so much rain lately that it gets washed quite often. The view across the valley was incredible today. We've been having clear weather. And how 'bout my raccoon eyes! I've always had dark circle, but chemo really brings it out. If anyone knows about a great concealer for under the eyes, I'm all ears!
Old Time Photo: This other picture was taken about four years ago - my stepson Ian give us a gift certificate to the Old-Tyme Photo Gallery in Ouray. We sure had fun doing these pictures, and this is my favorite. THAT IS my husband Robert in the photo without his glasses. I do miss my hair. It is coming in and quite dark brown with some curls, but it's still awfully short and thin. It is cooler in the summer without a wig, but then again my head will get cold at night. I have several caps in which I can sleep. I guess that's what they did in the old days. Thanks to Polly Griggers for my latest red crocheted hat and to Maude (80 years old - I'm so jealous) from my support group in Grand Junction (GJ) who sewed me up a more traditional one. Robert doesn't like the wigs, but I'm going to have one re-styled. Sometimes I just want a break from the Sinead O'Conner look. I do have plenty of hats and scarves.
Last week, I played Verena Jacobson, a school teacher from the 1920's here in Ouray, at the Ouray County Museum's "Walk Back in History". Because of the rain, we couldn't be posted on the sidewalks around town - we held it all inside at the Museum. Verena taught mostly up at the Revenue Mine above the Camp Bird. She has great stories to tell included in many books, but I got to view her last week on a video from the Museum's archives, so I adjusted my voice to try to sound more like her. We first did this performance last fall at the Wright Opera House as a "Women in Colorado History" type performance, and we're taking it to Montrose to the playhouse there the last weekend in September. This will be the big stage for me! I didn't think last winter I'd be alive for either last week's performance or the one in Montrose, but surprise, I'm still here.
We have friends here this week from New Zealand, Ross & Pauline. Robert went rock-hounding today at the Upper Camp Bird Mine. They didn't find much, but Robert was able to point out some ore specimens today to Ross who is a professor of geography from Christchurch. (Boy would I like to go there someday - don't put your vacations off. I'm not sure I'll ever get overseas again, but there's plenty in our back yard here in the Four Corners area. Ross and his wife both deal with geography, and they say there's a statistic that the closer you are to your cancer center/oncologist, the better your odds of survival.
Robert is going to try to go out in the mountains tomorrow with George Moore to do the second volume of Mines, Mountain Roads, and Rocks which has been a bestseller for us.
Okay, I have to go to my bedtime meds and hit the hay. If Robert wakes up and finds me on the computer, he'll have a fit. I did get to go back to physical therapy today, and it helps so much. I am determined to bowl again this fall.
More tomorrow. I'm scheduled for chemo this Friday, and plan to attend a support group retreat on Saturday if I feel up to it. I am looking for a ride home from GJ Saturday afternoon if anyone is going to be in the area.
Robert may possibly be running for Mayor this fall. One of the city council members from the other side of town resigned at Monday's council meeting over a lodging tax/affordable housing issue. We liked her very much and hate to see her go. That leaves only Robert who holds a seat until 2009 of the four council members plus the mayor. The Mayor is term limited and can't run again: however; she can run for a council seat on our side of town (called a ward). The other council member from our ward is up for re-election, but he is moving out of that side of town and has chosen not to run again. One of the council member from the other ward, up for election this year, is not running again as he is battling cancer. Anyway, if you are reading this and you're a registered voter in our ward, Robert needs signatures on his petition.
Just up here in Colorado taking advantage of the local organic produce and appreciating every extra day I get.
Sincerely, Caroline

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