Saturday, June 30, 2007

Received FOLFOX Yesterday

Yesterday I received FOLFOX treatment which takes just about all day. This weekend I'm very tired and taking it easy letting the chemo do its job.

I spoke with the oncologist about the liver scan taken 2 weeks ago - no new metastases and the existing tumors look stable. While my platlets were a little low, my red and white blood cell counts were good and my liver enzymes are very good - my liver is functioning. I'll have to be on the blood thinner shots for the rest of my life as the potential for more blood clots is very high. I believe this chemo will be ongoing indefinitely.

Thanks to everyone for all your prayers and support. Thanks to my sister Suzie for being here right now and typing this for me AND especially to my husband Robert who is a jewel.



P.S. Hopefully I'm going to Taos for a writing conference next week.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Good, Bad, and Incomplete News

I haven't gotten results from the scan on my liver yesterday, but I'm going to try to track someone down by Monday. My oncologist and nurse were running like crazy yeseterday afternoon. I did also have an ultrasound on my left leg and they found a blood clot which is scary. They gave me a blood thinner shot (Elexiter?) and sent Robert home with shots to give me. Already my leg feels better. I also thought I had some TMJ issues, but already that feels better, too. That pain is symmetric in both jaws, and usually if the pain is symmetric, it means it's from chemo or one of the meds. The blood clot means I'm to take it easy and keep my leg up. I also have to avoid getting cut due to the blood thinner. Probably won't be able to do my radio show tomorrow, but who knows. I can keep my leg up there - just have to have someone schlep all my CD's into the station. I'm also to increase my steroids to two per day. Oh boy, Robert's gonna love this.

My bloodwork was really good. White blood cells were above normal. I don't know what I did other than pray like hell they were good. Red blood cells were good, and liver enzymes are normal or just silghtly above or below. So thank you everyone for your prayers, and thank you God for good blood! So I had FOLFOX, Avastin, and Zometa (bone hardener).

Well, I didn't have a chance to vote for Ashlee, but I heard she was one of the ones who got sent home on Thursday night on "So You Think You Can Dance". My friend Lisas says she's capable of doing better, but she got a bad draw for her dance. Perhaps next time.

Robert is at the Mining Artifact Show today, Elwood is running the store, and I may go up later with my foot up at either the show or the store. I'll have had two steroids by then and lots of energy.

Just up here in Colorado enjoying the summer weather. Hope to get up to Camp Bird Road and see the wildflowers soon. Don't know if my hip can take the jiggling in the jeep.

Sincerely, Caroline

PS I was wrong about the tumor marker. It was in the 4400's last time and has been as hight as 11,000+. They took blood for that yesterday, but it always takes a few days to get results.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Scan Tomorrow - Wish Me Luck!

We're headed tonight to Grand Junction (GJ), to spend the night as I have a scan at 7:20 tomorrow morning. This will help to evaluate where we're at. I then see my oncologist at 9am. Hopefully, my red and white blood cells will be where they should be to have the "big" chemo, FOLFOX.

Lisa, a very good friend of mine in Texas whose daughter, Tara, is a Kilgore Rangerette is rooting for Ashlee who was Tara's lieutenant in Rangerettes this past school year. She's on "So You Think You Can Dance".

Last Saturday night, I got a splitting headache in Leadville at bed time. I think it was the altitude, not drinking enough fluids, plus I had just had a huge, be prepared, BM. My head hurt so bad I was in tears. But I tried to relax and Robert talked to me soft and slowly, and it finally went away. I felt good the next day.

My tumor marker has gone down to about 5500 something, down from 14,000. I have "tree rings" in my fingernails - alternating white and pink. I think this represents when I've had the bigger chemo.

My left leg is hurting like hell today. I guess I overdid ityesterday. I had PT and she told me that on humid days, we measure the barometer with our joints and muscles. We have had some rainy days and all the PT patients have been hurting.

We also had a booth at "Taste of Ouray" last night, and I pigged out. My weight is up which is a good thing.

I've been guilty of not sleeping, but I'm getting into it and taking my heavier meds at bedtime. Last night I slept 10 hours.

I owe some friends packages, cards, and other correspondence. Also, I'm sorry I haven't been on the discussion group for a long time.

Just up here in Colorado, enjoying the upcoming summer. We've had hummingbirds and snow together in some weeks recently. Biscuit (my cat) and I saw a Groesbeek at the feeder the other morning.

Sincerely, Caroline

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Greetings from Leadville, CO

Hello Everyone!

What a great day to be alive. Robert & I are in Leadville, doing the Mining History Association Annual Meeting, and having a great time. It's beautiful here in Leadville but cold. We have had a good show - sold books, mineral specimens, mining stock certificates, and mining artifacts. We've gotten to see many friends we haven't seen in a long time at this conference. We head home tomorrow, although we're going to drive around tomorrow and see some of the mines. We've also gotten to visit a wonderful indedpendent bookstore here, The Book Lode. Thanks to Carol, the owner for meeting us for breakfast and sharing experincess. If you're in Leadville, do look up this wonderful little bookstore.

Next weekend, we have a mining artifact show in Ouray. Never a dull moment! Lots of work to catch up on before our next visit with the oncologist on Friday, June 15th. Wish me luck that my blood cells will let me have chemo. Last Wednesday was one of those days when if I could have pulled the plug, I would have. I stayed up almost all night because we had so much work to do before we left town. But we went to the physical therapist, and Lee Ann helps so much. Thanks to Peggy Lindsay for massage which has been very helpful. Colleen Hollenbeck, my home health nurse, has really helped me get my meds straight.

C. W. McCall was on my radio show last Sunday, and he was just delightful! We did record the show. Also, he is really interested in classical musical music, and won a Cleo award for advertising. He did a lot of music before he ever did Convoy in the late 70's. The school hopes to get him back for a classical music show.

I have to scoot as it is getting late for us.

Thanks everyone for your interest and support.

Sincerely, Caroline

Sunday, June 03, 2007

CW McCall on my Radio Show Today

I think that I will have CW McCall, singer of Convoy and ex-mayor of Ouray, on my oldies radio show at 1:00 - 4:00 pm today. The station is KURA, 98.9, Ouray, Colorado. I don't know how to stream it, but here is the info:

I think you somehow copy this and it sets your computer up to play the show.

My white blood cells were too low to have FULFOX this week, but I had Avastin. So I had the little chemo and not the big one. We are scheduled to go back on June 15th to try again. My white blood cells were too high to have a round of shots to boost the white blood cells. It's been a very busy week for us in Ouray (we had a book signing at the book store yesterday, plus a million other activities going on in town), so I'm glad I had this week off from chemo.

I have to scoot. Suzie, my sister and maker of my dreams coming true, was here this week and she needs to leave, so I need to get going.

More Later! Thanks everyone.

Just up here in Colorado enjoying the beautiful scenery and sunshine!

Hope all is well with everyone out there.

Sincerely, Caroline