Saturday, June 09, 2007

Greetings from Leadville, CO

Hello Everyone!

What a great day to be alive. Robert & I are in Leadville, doing the Mining History Association Annual Meeting, and having a great time. It's beautiful here in Leadville but cold. We have had a good show - sold books, mineral specimens, mining stock certificates, and mining artifacts. We've gotten to see many friends we haven't seen in a long time at this conference. We head home tomorrow, although we're going to drive around tomorrow and see some of the mines. We've also gotten to visit a wonderful indedpendent bookstore here, The Book Lode. Thanks to Carol, the owner for meeting us for breakfast and sharing experincess. If you're in Leadville, do look up this wonderful little bookstore.

Next weekend, we have a mining artifact show in Ouray. Never a dull moment! Lots of work to catch up on before our next visit with the oncologist on Friday, June 15th. Wish me luck that my blood cells will let me have chemo. Last Wednesday was one of those days when if I could have pulled the plug, I would have. I stayed up almost all night because we had so much work to do before we left town. But we went to the physical therapist, and Lee Ann helps so much. Thanks to Peggy Lindsay for massage which has been very helpful. Colleen Hollenbeck, my home health nurse, has really helped me get my meds straight.

C. W. McCall was on my radio show last Sunday, and he was just delightful! We did record the show. Also, he is really interested in classical musical music, and won a Cleo award for advertising. He did a lot of music before he ever did Convoy in the late 70's. The school hopes to get him back for a classical music show.

I have to scoot as it is getting late for us.

Thanks everyone for your interest and support.

Sincerely, Caroline

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