Monday, August 07, 2006

Scenes from a Happy Summer

Here's some pictures from the melodrama, Taos, and with sisters and cousins in Ouray.

My husband Robert took photos during the melodrama and I hope to post some of those later.

Upper left - Mary Pickaxe complete with pantaloons.

Upper right - Jody & me in Taos during the writing conference.

Middle left - Me in the middle in pink, my sister Diane just to the left, sister Suzie on right,
our cousins and Aunt Ruth from eastern Nebraska - nice of them to come all that way to see me in the melodrama. Also appreciate my cousins who came from Kansas City (Shirley, Anita, Jessica), brother-in-law Al from Albuquerque, and friend Diane King who came from Denver.

Bottom left - Aracania Webb (locally known as Jill Mort) and Mary Pickaxe (me).

Wednesday this week is a big day for me. I've got a scan at 8:30 am in Grand Junction. Then a blood draw at 9:45am, then see the doctor at 1:00 pm with chemo after that. Dr. Bergen says we should be able to get an idea of the scan results by the afternoon,
although the complete report won't be ready yet. Also, I'm sure the scan will give us some direction on when to start the Avastin.

Last week I was off chemo for the melodrama. I started my Xeloda again yesterday. I told Dr. Bergen he could make as sick as he wants to after the melodrama.

Must scoot - have friends in town that we're meeting for dinner.

Just up here in Colorado hoping for good scan results on Wednesday.

Sincerely, Caroline

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