Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Platelet and Red Blood Cells Low

We went to see the oncologist today in Grand Junction. I can't tell you how much I like my new port. The blood draw was so easy. My liver enzymes continue to look good - my liver is still happy, but my platelets were low for the first time and my hemoglobin was the lowest it's been ever (I think). My weight is holding steady, and my blood pressure was low - 94/59. I was really tired over the weekend. I didn't even do my radio show on Sunday. I was so tired when I got off work, I just came home and slept all afternoon.

They reduced the amount of my Gemzar by 25%. My feet are still somewhat swollen so I can't start the Xeloda yet, and when I do I'll go back on, it'll be at half the dosage. We may start the Avastin next month. It kind of depends on how I tolerate the Xeloda. Dr. Bergen is anxious for me to get back on the Xeloda as he feels it is making the difference.

I asked Dr. Bergen about Essaic tea and milk thistle. He said while I'm on chemo, he doesn't want to take a chance on any herbal remedies interfering with it.

I'm hoping to get back on the Xeloda this weekend, and I have another Gemzar infusion next week on Thursday.

I'm thinking about all the other cholangiocarcinoma patients I correspond with, and I'm hoping and praying that we all come out our illness or move through it as painlessly as possible.

I am pretty wiped out, so I'll end this now. Thanks for all the prayers, love, support, and good wishes! And my best wishes to you!

Just up here in Colorado, embracing the medications.

Sincerely, Caroline

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