Thursday, August 03, 2006

First Performance Was a Success!

Last night was our first of three performances of the melodrama. Things went quite well, and we had a full house.

At our last few rehearsals, we were still making mistakes or forgetting lines, and some of the gals were getting tense. This is my fifth melodrama, so I know it always feels disorganized and crazy in rehearsal, but it all comes together once we have an audience. There were a few flubs last night, but nothing major. At the dress rehearsal on Tuesday night, I went totally blank at my opening scene. I couldn't remember my first line which I have rehearsed a million times. Better to forget at dress rehearsal than at the actual performance.

I did make one mistake in my costume changes. I have one scene where I fall off the ship and then come on back on again all wet, covered in seaweed, etc. I have a really short time to change clothes, wigs, and get enough water on me to be dripping wet. I had gone off stage after the first part of the scene and started changing quickly into my wet clothes and then realized I hadn't fallen off the boat yet! I still had to do one more scene in regular costume. So I was frantically changing back into my regular clothes and managed to get dressed in time. They don't give me the dumb blonde parts for nothing.

I hope to have some pictures to put on the blog by tomorrow. My cousin took pictures last night, and we'll probably get some more this evening.

Just up here in Colorado enjoying my week off from chemo and having my family in town.


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