Sunday, August 20, 2006

Feet Swollen - Xeloda Suspended

I got two and a half days on my recent round of Xeloda, but my feet got swollen and too tender to walk on, so Dr. Bergen told me to take a week off from the medication or until my feet are completely back to normal. My hands have been puffing up, too. This morning I couldn't get my wedding ring on. We had hoped to go four days with the Xeloda, but it just isn't gonna let me do it. That's okay, when there's side effects, we know the stuff is working.

Yesterday, I took a nice long nap in the afternoon. I have days where I just get really pooped out. I have a couple of incisions from the port implantation, and those will take about a week or so to heal up. I'm trying to stay off my feet and let the chemo do it's stuff.

We started a cancer support group here this week in Ouray. Four people came to our first meeting. We plan to meet once a month.

We've sure been having mushroom weather. Lots of rain and just the right conditions that there's tons of mushrooms in the mountains this year. I can't keep mushroom books in stock and the publishers and distributors are out as well. We bought several Colorado mushroom books at Barnes & Noble in Grand Junction last week just to have them since the mushroom festival was in Telluride this weekend.

Just up here in Colorado enjoying the last days of summer.

Sincerely, Caroline

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