Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Headed to Denver Gem & Mineral Show

We are headed to Denver tomorrow for the Denver Gem & Mineral Show. I will see one of the radiation oncologists at CU Med Center, but the oncologist I was to see on Monday had to cancel her appointment. I have to keep a low profile at the show - my platelets and white blood cells are low and I need to avoid crowds. Hard for me, a social butterfly to do. I haven't been able to have chemo the last two times. I'm taking more of my medications to get the neuropathy, pain, leg swelling, and sleep under control. That involves managing laxatives as well. As I've said before, all the best medicine either plug you up or the opposite.

We did the True Grit Days last weekend in Ridgway, 10 miles from Ouray. I got to meet Kim Darby, Johnny Crawford of the Rifleman, and Angie Dickenson. I got my picture taken with Angie. Everyone in town who dealt with her said she was very nice. She told me she hated to leave on Sunday because she was enjoying Ridgway and the people.

Anyway, I will blog more later from Denver.

Thanks for all your support and kindness.

Just up here in Colorado getting ready to leave town again. I like to travel. Glad to be here one more day.

Sincerely, Caroline


Mary Anne said...

Hi Caroline,
Thanks for your comment on our blog. We feel so fortunate for this healthy time and hope it will lat. Sure sounds like this cancer isn't keeping you down. I so admire your spunk and determination. We don't go to AZ much. Our daughter usually comes here but we will let you know if we are going in the near future. Hope your counts come up and you have a great time in Denver. Praying for you. God Bless Joe and Mary Anne Coburn

Barbie said...

Hanging out here in Florida preparing to leave on Wednesday! Enjoy the Gem and Mineral show and I look forward to seeing you on the 25th! Hugs and love, Barb

Hoskins Family said...

Hi Caroline,

Just to let you know that I'm thinking and praying for you!

Thank you so much for your thoughts, prayers and words of encouragement.