Monday, September 17, 2007

Back Home From Denver - Headed to GJ Tonight - Saw Radiation Oncologist in Denver

We got home from Denver a few hours ago. Robert had an important City Council meeting he didn't want to miss, so we came home and will head up to Grand Junction tonight for a CT scan at 8:30 tomorrow morning. We have two other doctor's appointments. One with a psychiatrist for med management and one with a talking therapist to deal with depression and other losses associated with having cancer and losing so many people.

I met with a Dr. Durham last Friday in CU Anschutz Cancer Center in Denver. I liked her very much and we had a good meeting about doing SIR spheres or radioactive seeds in the hepatic arteries. She said I don't really have any tumors to treat in my live bile duct or colon, and she offered several options for targeting tumors in my liver where I have twelve tumors, four - six which were problematic at my lasat scan. Hopefully my scan tomorrow will show some stabilization. She said she usually gets people at a more advanced stage than me, and she felt that I was relatively young and in good health for this procedure which involves putting Yttrium-90 isotope into my hepatic artery. I am up for a little radioactivity. I will consult with my regular oncologist on this and a specialist in Denver whom I have worked with before.

We had a pretty good show in Denver. I mostly enjoyed seeing lots of old friends. Last year during the gem show, we also had a book show so I attended that while Robert did the gem show. So I hadn't had a chance to see many friends I knew back in the 80's and 90's from both Denver and Dallas, too.

I tried to stay out of crowds, but it's so hard not to hug old friends. I've been really sleepy and tired today, but I did wake up for a while last night, and I may be recovering sleep.

Wish me luck on my CT-scan tomorrow.

Just up here in Colorado, weighing the options.

Sincerely, Caroline

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dee said...

Hello Caroline,

I am sorry you were so upset by my post a few ago but really just trying to help when options run out. No I don't work for any drug company and not pushing LDN on you.... but when the options do run out I want you to be able to have something and not go down like so many have this past year. I really do hope the radiation helps you. I did the chemo and radiation also and I know the effects of it.

Now I feel from your last post you didn't read any of the facts on low dose naltrexone so you are unaware that many doctors are using it themselves. Dr. Bihari, Dr. Bob Lawrence, Dr Skip Lentz and a host of others.
The links are here for you so do your reading:

If you do nothing else... Read this book about LDN.. costs only 19.95 from Amazon and may save your life.. it has mine.

Only wishing you the best and nothing more than that...

I followed the Clement family also so really feel