Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Headed Back to Denver for Book Show, Not Doing Play in Montrose

Robert & I will leave for Denver for the Mountains & Plains Indepenedent Booksellers semi-annual conference later today. This is always a really fun event for us - good classes, get to meet authors, hear about new books.

Thanks to good friends Barb & Pete Crossan and Sharon & Jeff Rowe of Salida who came over last night for a visit and bought us dinner! Thanks guys! I'll get your picture posted on the internet soon.

I had FOLFOX last Friday. They raised my dosage as I have gained weight. We attended a seminar on Saturday (50 Essential Things to Do If You Have Cancer by Greg Anderson who has a book out by the same title. He has written other books as well. He is a 24 year cancer survivor.) Then on Sunday, I hit the big slump. I was so fatigued I couldn't move. I missed my radio show, play practice for Vignettes of History. I will miss the next play practice , so I've decided not to try fly back home for the performance on Saturday in Montrose, but I encourage any of you to attend as it is very good. (It's at Magic Circle Theater in Montrose at 2pm and 7pm with refreshments served afterwards by Camp Robber Cafe.) After hitting the wall with chemo on last Sunday, Roberat & I both felt it was better that I not travel alone.

My last liver scan came back unchanged! So this FOLFOX chemo seems to be working. I'm still investigating SIR spheres - anyone out there have any experience with them? My tumor marker was up in the 8,000 range which is quite a bit but could mean that cancer cells are dying.

We are trying to get ready to leave town, so I have to scoot. The aspen leaves are starting to peak and we've had beautiful crisp fall days.

Just up here in Colorado enjoying another fall! Love to you all.

Sincerely, Caroline

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Suzanne Lindley said...

Hi Caroline,

My name is Suzanne Lindley and I am a colon cancer patient that received SIR-spheres 2 1/2 years ago. I had 65% reduction in liver tumors and completely stability in my liver since. I helped to start a SIR-spheres support group this past year. You can visit at In addition, one of the members is a spheres recipient and a patient of Dr. Durham. They had wonderful success! After a dire prognosis with esophageal cancer and liver mets, he is now cancer free more than a year later. I'll be happy to put you in touch with them. Good luck!!! Suzanne