Monday, May 28, 2007

A Quickie From Caroline

Hello Everyone -

I have so much to tell everyone, but I've needed to catch up on bookkeeping, book orders, organizing new businesses, doing my film with my film class, training Robert on some bookkeeping, trying to rest, sometimes I don't have a choice - the chemo takes over.

With Suzie here next week, I hope we can post some pictures on the blog. I have so much to tell you about our trips.

A quick note to Vicki McNair and Liz Potts from Skyline High School. It was so good to see you and my dear friends Sarie and Elaine Dial. So much more to say and people to thank on our various pilgrimages.

I have to get to bed now! Oops, it's midnight. Gotta go do some mouthwash.

Just up here in Colorado, with hummingbirds and snow. The snow melted earlier this week, but I could still hear some hummingbirds. I think everyone mowed their yard this weekend after the snow melted. We got our lawnmower fixed, thanks to Elwood our employee.

Sincerely, Caroline

P.S. I think this cancer has messed with the wrong woman.


Charlie said...

Caroline you are an inspiration to everyone with BC and their caretakers. I have been following your blog and with a wife going through metastatic BC your comments and feelings help us cope. She is experiencing leg swelling after radiation for her legs (she had a total right hip replacement and a rod put in her left femur)and Gemzar but the oncologist has ruled Gemzar out although I haven't. She currently is on Taxol, Gemzar and a bone hardner..not sure what that is.
Her tumor markers are going down by half each treatment so it looks like it's working. CT scans also look better. This is the second go round...she was in remission for almost a year.
Thanks for your blog and thanks for sharing your experiences and feelings.
Wishing you the best of luck and praying for your complete recovery.

Soozi said...

Dear Caroline,

I hope this is something you can do but after reading your diaries I was wishfully thinking that perhaps you could cut and paste them onto my free health website as I feel that your information would be greatly appreciated by some of my members.

I set up my site because three years ago I was diagnosed with a life threatening illness & decided to take action and help myself by finding articles written by people who shared my experience. After exhausting the internet search engines and plunging through vast numbers of websites, I still found nothing specifically written by a patient. "By reading about other people’s experiences & writing down my own medical story, this would have helped me cope, feel far less alone and compare notes".

Rather than do nothing further I decided to set up a website designed as a free service with a one stop self help global system to assist every person going through any health situation. The website is now up & successfully running. It is called Patients Talking ( You write a confidential diary about any health experience and read about others who have been through a similar situation.

Although Patients Talking is still a relatively new website, I have chatted on air with several BBC radio stations, work with many Primary Care Trusts, the Cardiac Network Group and the NHS's Expert Patient Programme. The medical industry has greeted the site with enthusiasm because of its’ self help aspect and non-diagnostic approach. My long term wish is for people to continue to join this wonderful free self help diary website and share their experiences which will undoubtedly help themselves and others.

Thank you and Kind Regards,

From Soozi (founder of Patients Talking)