Thursday, May 10, 2007

Quick Update on Caroline

Hi all, this is Suzie, Caroline's big sister again. Al and I just returned from a week in Oregon. I spoke with Caroline briefly today and she wanted me to post and say she's doing fine but is really, really busy. Her leg continues to improve for which she's very thankful and encouraged. She is having trouble swallowing --- sores in her mouth and throat from chemo. She will see Dr. Bergen today (Friday) and then she and Robert are off to Moab with a long time friend, Dick, who lives in Grand Junction. She said she's continuing to calm down as the steroids are decreased. I spoke with Robert while we were gone and he told me she'd gotten really good sleep a couple of nights/days --- believe me, she needs it. She just goes and goes and goes --- I keep thinking she's going to burn up like a shooting star. I know they'll have a wonderful time and she'll absorb the beauty and peace of Moab.

Thank you for all your love and support of my little sister. She's a truly amazing woman and is fighting for her life.



barb said...

hey susie, tell Caroline to try using Biotene mouthwash & toothpaste (if she hasn't already done that). it's purchased "over the counter." if she needs something stronger (sounds like she might), then have her get a prescription for Daniel's solution. it was originally prescribed for AIDS patients, some years ago. it does work. not all pharmacies carry it, as it has to be compounded.

i really liked your comparison of Caroline to a shooting star....she truly is amazing. however, she does need to conserve her energy.

hey, i entertained several of my friends with her "sliding eggs" story. she's a multi-talented woman.

barb, a fellow cholangio patient

Mary Anne said...

Hey susie,
thanks for writing and keeping us up to date on Caroline.I have never met her but can tell she is a fighter. Hope she can get back to bowling soon. My husband Joe is a cc patient and we pray for all the cc patients that someone will find a way to beat this. My love to you Caroline Mary Anne

McCrea Family said...


Thanks for your kind words. Char's phones in Denver:

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