Saturday, May 19, 2007

Hello from Prescott, Arizona

Hi ya'll, this is Suzie once again.

Caroline is doing fine - she's just really busy and has once again discovered SLEEP --- thank heavens!!!! Being on the road with her during our Gray Girls' Texas Trek, I came to truly appreciate what Robert is up against. The steriods really throw Caroline into a manic state and although she was decreasing the dose during our trip, she still fought sleep. She would be sitting on the bed in a hotel room fooling around with something in her hands and would fall asleep mid-whatever she was doing. Diane and I would tell her to get in bed and she'd say "I just need to finish this" --- and on it would go. Diane found her asleep in the bathroom one morning about 2:30 am. One morning after such a night, I made her write a letter to herself (to give to Robert to use when needed) reminding her how hard headed she is and that her caretakers need sleep even if she doesn't. I have no idea where the letter is - I'm not sure she ever delivered it to Robert. Soooo, we're thrilled she once again, at least periodically, is going to bed at a reasonable time.

She had the FOLFOX chemo this week although she had to have a blood transfusion due to her continued anemia. She told me Dr. Bergen seems to be more optimistic - he has to be as we really weren't sure she'd be here last Christmas and he told us prior to our Texas Trek that she might die in the car. He was so concerned Diane and I would be really upset with him - we told him it would be ok as Caroline would be doing something she truly wanted to do. I am so impressed with Dr. Bergen. I believe the mix of God's grace, Dr. Bergen's excellent doctoring, and Caroline's will is the reason she's still alive and living OUTLOUD.

She is continuing with her video and of course she got really behind with their businesses while out of town so much the past couple of months so she's working very hard to catch up prior to the upcoming summer season in Ouray.

As always, thank you for all of your love and support. We all need and appreciate it.

Suzie Gray West

P.S. We're thinking Caroline will be attending my 40 year high school reunion this September in Duncanville, Texas!

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