Thursday, February 01, 2007

Greetings from Arizona

I had chemo early on January 24th, and we left Grand Junction about noon for Arizona. We drove through Utah - Moab, Monticello, Blanding, Bluff, Monument Valley. We got to my sister's house in Prescott at 9:00 p.m. It was nice to drive through the canyon country.

My bloodwork was about the same as at the previous chemo - slightly anemic and platelets a little low. I had been battling a cold which I seem to have given to several other people. It got much worse once we got to Tucson which is probably from the chemo knocking my resistance down. I felt pretty good on Thursday, probably from the steroids I got at chemo the day before. But Friday, I had the full blown side effects - I was freezing cold and could not get warm. My doctor called in a prescription of antibiotics for me, and I have gradually been getting better. I'm still blowing my nose a lot and going through Kleenex like crazy.

Robert & I were open for business starting last Friday at the Inn Suites in Tucson (room 160) with our new business, The show has been going fairly well for us. My sisters came down from Prescott on Tuesday and brought me back home with them. We were going to drive to the south rim of the Grand Canyon yesterday, but it was snowing, and with me still fighting the cold, we thought it would be better to stay home. Today, they made me stay in bed all day, as I am going back to Tucson tomorrow. I finished an autobiography by Donovan, the singer from the 1960's, which was quite interesting. We plan to stop in Phoenix tomorrow and see the Bodyworks-3 exhibit. I want to see what the liver looks like. I hope I can see the bile ducts as well.

We have closed Robert's shop the Sandman in Ouray. We both had raging colds the week before we left, and we couldn't get everything out of the shop before we left town. So we are indebted to our employees Elwood and Rick for moving the last things out of the space for us.

Our space is being taken over by an artist in Ouray named Susan Snodgrass. We love her work and wish her well with her new studio and gallery.

Just down in Arizona, blowing the old honker and enjoying the company of my sisters, my brother-in-law Al, their dog Mac and their two cats.



McCrea Family said...

here is the info you requested in your comment on the McCrea Blog. You are certainly welcome to visit us anytime in California.
Warm regards,
Val's Dad Richard
cell: 619 7789945

Hi All,

Just wanted to update you all on the doctor in Denver, Dr. Charles Nutting, an interventional radiologist who has done Sir Spheres on a cholangio patient in 2005 (2 x) with good results. This was followed by Erbitux and the tumors shrank significantly. This patient was then resected successfully.

I spoke with his nurse clinician, Jean Swanson, a couple of days ago, and she said that if we send the latest CT scan, bloodwork, and latest oncologist reports, Dr. Nutting would be happy to consult regarding the Sir Sphere process. The address is:

· Invision

· 7303 South Alton Way, Suite C

· Centennial, Co. 80112

Let me know if you want another opinion on this……I will follow up directly after they receive the information.


Hoskins Family said...

Hi Caroline,

The doctors never really find out where Dave's left shoulder pain was coming from. They were looking more towards heart problem but Dave kept on telling them that it was a deffered/reffered? pain from his liver. Before he was dx he had pain on his right shoulder, he went to see the Othopedics but they couldn't find anything wrong. The pain just went away when he had the biliary stent placed in Oct. '05, same as what happened after his stent was replaced on Monday. He said that the pain went back to where he usually feels it--on his back and his side-liver area.

He has been taking oxycontin 30mg 2xday and hasn't had ask for breakthrough pain meds since we came home on Wednesday.

Take care. You are always my inspiration for our continous fight. My thoughts and prayers always.


Stacie said...


Please let us know when you are coming through Utah again. We'd love to meet up with you if we can.