Sunday, February 25, 2007

Left Leg Really Hurts Today - No Radio Show

I have a pain in my upper left thigh that seems to be in the muscle. It really hurts today. I think it is from the chemo because sometimes my right thigh hurts, too. I think I'll just plan to stay in today. I don't want to risk falling on any snow or ice. So, no radio show today. We're keeping any eye on this for a while. I may have to have another scan to see what it might be. So many pains come and go, but this one is starting to hang on.

I did bowl on Friday night. I had steroids the day before so the pain in my leg was much less and I took some Ibuprofen. This is a "No-Tap" league, so if you hit nine pins on the first ball, it counts as a strike. I bowled 107, 131, and 151. My average is 130 and handicap is 50. We lost three of four games. If this leg doesn't get better, I may have to give the bowling up. My team member Peggy Lindsay bowled a 218 in the last game, and it wasn't all nine-pin strikes. Way to go Peg!

Guess that's it for today. As always, thanks everyone for your prayers and kind thoughts. My eternal thanks to my husband Robert who is so good to me. And some special love out to my cousin Barbara in Nebraska who just had surgery on her lymph nodes.

Just up here in Colorado, nursing a sore leg.

Sincerely, Caroline


Vicki said...

Caroline, hope your leg gets better. I was all set to listen to your show today. So glad you decided not to get out. I'll catch your show next week.

Kay said...

Hey! We missed you at book group last night. It was a small crowd but good discussion. I don't think Josehine has a thing on you in terms of trials and tribulations. Such a bummer that your legs have been added to the list of aches and pains.
When you wrote of black eyed peas, biscuits& gravy, it brought back memories of my Oklahoma upbringing. Too bad it's not the season for fried okra and fresh tomatoes but how about red eye gravy? Had that in a coon's age?
Your courage blows me away. I'm looking out my window in your direction sending love & prayers,