Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Tumor Marker 4164, Bowling Team 1/2 game out of First Place

My tumor marker last week was an all time record high for me - 4164. Normal is something like 0-60. Looks like I will be staying on the Gemzar, but I'll find out more tomorrow when I see the doctor.

In fact, I have to get up really early and I need to hit the hay. We see Dr. Bergen at 8:30 am and then we're driving over to Denver for a quick business trip. We'll be back home Thursday night.

I bowled a make-up game last night and I didn't do so good: 97, 75 (ugh!), 96. We are in 2nd place and are half a game behind the first place team. My average was 94, but it'll go down again.

We had a good time at our show in New Mexico last weekend. Nice people in that gem & mineral club.

I still need to get my deer pictures posted and will try to do that later this week.

Just up here in Colorado, catching up on some e-mail and staying up too late! Hope everyone is doing well out there.

Sincerely, Caroline


Mary Anne said...


Mary Anne said...

So sorry to hear you numbers are up. You have such courge - keep on truckin. If bowling gives you joy, then do it. You are an inspiration to others. God Bless. Mary Anne Coburn