Sunday, December 24, 2006

Ian's Here! Last Chemo Treatment

We went last Thursday to Grand Junction (GJ) for my chemo. My blood chemistry was improved, so I was able to have Gemzar and Avastin. I got a bigger dose of steroids than usual before the infusion, so I felt good on Thursday. But yesterday, I felt pretty rotten - headache, fatigue, chills, achy. My tumor marker was up to 3100+ this week, and I never heard what my liver enzymes were, but they must have been okay since I got the chemo.

I did open my husband's store yesteray in the afternoon and had some business.

Robert went to GJ yesterday to pick up his son, Ian, who had quite an experience flying out of Denver yesterday morning. His flight was scheduled to leave at 9:30am, and he arrived at DIA at 5:45am. He wasn't sure he would get through security in time to catch his flight - the line was wound around the airport twice. He made it to the gate on time as his flight had been delayed. Then he was told his flight had already left, then he was told, no, it hadn't. Anyway, he made it to GJ about 12:40pm, but his luggage has yet to arrive. Robert & Ian waited around a while to see if it would show up on the next flight, but it didn't. But at least he made it!

I'm feeling better this morning, but I'm still staying home doing some paperwork. I'm not doing my radio show this afternoon - just don't have the energy. We will put our tree up tonight and decorate it now that Ian is here.

Robert & Ian will prepare our vegan feast, and I will open the bookstore for a while in the morning so we can get newspapers and maybe be there for anyone who needs a last minute gift. Then we'll have our meal and then reopen the store in the afternoon. The Beaumont Hotel, where our store is located, is serving Christmas dinner, and it's fun to see people coming through all dressed up and happy. Also, there's football on tomorrow, so we want to provide a place for people to go if they need a break from that or their families.

It snowed a little bit this morning, and we have quite a lot of snow on the ground. There are little mountains of snow around town where the road crews piled it up. Should be a good ski season and we can always use the moisture and snow pack.

Well, I suppose this will be my best Christmas ever. I'm still here and that's the biggest gift I could have wished for.

Hope your holidays are splendid and you and your families are safe and happy.

Just up here in Colorado, letting the chemo do it's work.

Sincerely, Caroline


Arlene said...

So glad Ian is with you. Have a wonderful visit.

Mary Anne said...

Hi Caroline,
haven't been on since my surgery and so glad to hear you are doing well. hope Christmas was great. I marvel at all you do. Wish I leved close to visit you. Hope your vegan feast was good. We should share recipes or at least I should get yours. Take car God Bless Mary Anne Coburn

nnixon said...

Your blog is not only funny (what a surprise) but so informative. You are TRULY amazing. As I sit here typing and listening to your show, I will say the KURA stream can be accessed at
for your listeners and friends. Thanks for being you!
Nancy Nixon