Friday, December 01, 2006

Headed to New Mexico

I have much to tell, but it's been hectic the last few weeks, so here is a quick post before we leave for Los Alamos, New Mexico today. We're doing a gem & mineral show there.

I saw Dr. Bergen again on Tuesday. My bloodwork was in good shape. I have a few things elevated, but he said that was due to the chemo and things looked pretty good in that areana. A nurse at the radiation clinic pointed out that my cholestrol is high, but Dr. Bergen said that it's not a concern at this point. He implied that the cancer will get me long before any heart disease.

I was infused with Gemzar as well as Avastin on Tuesday. I will have a bone strengthener infused next week which I will get once a month. The Avastin is done every other week. If my CA19-9 tumor marker is down, we will probably drop the Gemzar. I haven't gotten those results back yet. I was off the Gemzar for almost three weeks while doing radiation, so Dr. Bergen wants to see if it made a difference or not. If my tumor marker is down, then we'll assume the Gemzar isn't doing that much.

I did get to attend my support group briefly on Tuesday and it was nice to catch up with those gals.

I am taking the Xeloda orally still, but I had to suspend this week as my feet are swollen and tender again from hand-foot syndrome. I've been on my feet more this week at the bookstore and yes, I did bowl Wednesday night. The Avastin may be contributing as well.

I got my steroids before chemo so I felt good on Wednesday and bowled that night, even though my husband and doctors are trying to talk me out of it. My hip did really hurt the next day, but it hurts most of the time. I bowled 85, 126, and 92. We took all games. I think we are in second place at this point and closely chasing the first place team. I picked up one incredible split. I thought my ball was going to miss the middle pin, but it just nicked it and it gently rolled over and got the corner pin. I love it when that happens. Everyone was impressed!

I will be having some scans in the near future to check on the radiation progress and my hip bone, but nothing has been scheduled yet. I do see an orthopedic doctor on Dec. 8th and have a follow-up with the radiation oncologist on Dec. 15th.

We have a ton of snow here, so I am careful walking around. Last week, I had a wonderful close encounter with deer in the front yard and will get those pictures posted soon. I have some other pictures from this fall to post as well, but that'll have to wait until next week.

I have to scoot. I have a bunch of stuff to do this morning. Mary Lou, if you read this, I will call you this weekend. I'm sorry we missed you on our Socorro trip. I got your card.

To many friends and family, I am very behind in correspondence. Jan Ruby, I want to do lunch, I've just been really tired from the radiation, so I've been spending time resting, but I hope to catch up with you soon as you always bring my spirits up.

Okay, gotta run. Just up here in Colorado embracing the meds. I'm too busy to have cancer and let any side effects keep me down, but it's not always easy to get my body to do what I want it to do.

Sincerely, Caroline


Arlene said...

Have a wonderful time and get those pictures up when you can. I love seeing them.

Anonymous said...

You are such a trooper Caroline. I am so impressed with your optimism and strenght... and love the fun humor that comes through in your diary.