Friday, December 15, 2006

More Photos

By the way, there are two more posts below this.

The first picture is our cat Biscuit who has found a sunny place in the living room.

The next photo is me when I played Verena Jacobson, the mining camp school teacher, in "Vignettes of History" in October. Next to me is Sue Hillhouse who portrayed Evalyn Walsh MacLean, daughter of Tom Walsh who became rich from the Camp Bird Mine in Ouray County. Evalyn owned the Hope Diamond at one point as well as the Washington Post.

The picture of me in the brown chair is the chemo area at St. Mary's. I love those chairs - they have heat and magic fingers. I was disappointed that I didn't get chemo this week, because that chair would have felt good on my chills and achy joints. And there's nothing like chemo to give you dark circles under your eyes. My hair is much thinner than it used to be and will stick out sideways most the time. Some mornings after I've had night sweats, I wake up looking like Don King - it will stick straight up. But hey, I still have hair.

Next is Robert at Bosque Del Apache Wildlife Refuge in New Mexico, a wonderful, peaceful place. I can't say enough nice things about my husband, and how he has helped me through all this cancer stuff. Honey, you're the best.

Following that, I am standing at the San Rafael Swell on I-70 in Utah on our drive to Las Vegas last month. Note to self: this sweater makes you look big.

Last but not least is a picture of Robert with our friends Duncan & Mary who visited us right before Thanksgiving on their way to New Mexico. Nice of them to come out of their way to see us. And for those of you who know Duncan, I'm proud to report that he can still make a restaurant lose money on "All You Can Eat" dinners. We went to the Bon-Ton here in town on all-you-can eat-pasta night, and he is the only person I've ever seen order a second bowl.

One other note. This past Tuesday we went up to Grand Junction the day before chemo, and we attended a luncheon for my support group up there. It was really wonderful to see everyone. We spent the night at Two Rivers Winery B&B - Robert's son Ian had given us a gift certificate there. We went to a matinee and saw "The Queen" which we thought was quite good. We went to dinner and were going to see another movie, but I started feeling really rotten, so we just went back to room and took it easy. I was freezing cold and climbed into bed with my clothes on including my hat, coat, and gloves.

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