Monday, May 15, 2006

Today in Ouray

Today I had my wonderful hubby, Robert, bring the digital camera up to the bookstore. The mountain behind me looking south on Main Street is Mt. Hayden, really the lesser mountain of all you can see from Ouray. Of course, that's Robert in the picture with me.

Tomorrow we see Dr. Bergen, my oncologist, in Grand Junction, and we'll know more about my next plan of attack.

Meanwhile, I'm just up here in Colorado, selling a few books.


Suzie West said...

Hey Babes - great pictures of you, Robert and Ouray! You look great. We LOVE you!

Your Big Sisters in AZ

sarah pearson garcia said...

Hi Caroline,
I loved the pictures, the mountains are so beautiful. I think you look great also. Please take care of yourself and keep being positive. We are sending happy thoughts and prayers your way from the midwest.
Sarah Garcia (Chicagoland)
p.s. I enjoy your blog, you are a great writer also I love crocs too!!

Susan Doyle said...

Dear Caroline,

You are an absolute LOVE! Your sense of humor teaches us all a lesson. You are a good writer, too! I hope I can meet you soon, perhaps in Prescott. Stay positive and upbeat! My sister and I are praying for you and your fellow sufferers.

Suzie's friend Sue in San Diego.

Julia said...

"My four tumors have doubled in size from 1" to 2" (from pig turds to horse turds) plus several new little ones (rat turds)."

So, turd-size is the new measurement for tumors. I suppose it is helpful if one is familiar with a variety of turd sizes. I am very happy that you finally added photos. You look splendid! Are you getting any knitting done? I'm thinking about you. Shug is planning a July 4th Camp Reunion. Take care of you.