Monday, May 08, 2006

Could Be Good, Could Be Bad

Dr. Bergen called me last Friday as we were on our way to Santa Fe for the weekend. (We had a great time by the way.) He caught us in Durango. He told me he was concerned about my CA19-9 tumor marker. It has gone from a low of 91 last December just after surgery, to a new high for me of 3,643 last week. He is concerned that this means "disease progression". But it could also mean that the Sorafenib is working, and as the tumors or cancer dies, it's dumping a lot of CA19-9 in my bloodstream. We'll certainly hope for the later.

Our support group leader in Grand Junction, Kay, says there are miracles everyday and to have hope and stay positive, which I think I do a pretty good job of. However, I did feel a little edgy this weekend knowing I have a scan Tuesday and worried that they'll find a "sweet potato" inside my liver. Or a gilion "cat turds". (I don't call tumors hairballs anymore, I call them turds.) Okay, I'm going to quit "borrowing trouble", as my husband Robert puts it, and not worry until I need to. The scan is tomorrow and we'll get the results a week later when I meet with Dr. Bergen. I always have to prepare for bad news just in case. If I go in thinking everything will be fine, and it's not, I really fall apart. We can always go to the mall and get me some blue or green Crocs.

Today, I see Dr. Madeline Kane of CU Anschutz Cancer Center to see about transfering me to CU for the clinical trial which they are now enrolled in. (Dr. Kane comes to Montrose once a month which is just 45 minutes away. Denver is a 6 hour drive.) Dr. Bergen says he trained under Dr. Kane, and he thinks very highly of her. Says she's one of the best GI oncologists in the state and will probably retire soon.

So I must run and get "gussied up" for my new doctor. I hope all of you are well, and as always thanks for all the good things. I owe several of you phone calls and hope to catch up this week.

Just up here in Colorado sending positive turd-zapping energy to my liver.


Arlene said...

Sending positive "turd" zapping powers from Alabama - - - - Arlene

Salida Sharon said...

I think there is something to be said for the philosophy of planning for the worst, but ALWAYS ALWAYS hoping for the best. Which is our wish and prayer for you, the best.