Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Eating, but not sleeping

With cancer it's always something. It's like playing that "Whack-a-Mole" game at Chuck E. Cheese's.

Before I got on the clinical trial for Sorafenib, I was tired all the time and ate like a bird. Then I started getting more energy with the drug. Then came the side effects and the steroids to alleviate those, and now I'm an insomniac standing at the refrigerator all the time, like some grizzly bear who woke up from hibernation. I think I ate more for lunch today than I did in the entire month of December. I've gained four pounds in five days. My inner incision from the surgery kind of hurts because my tummy is so full.

Yesterday, I did get blood drawn and it looks pretty good which is encouraging although something was sort of elevated, but it's always elevated according to the GP. I have to get blood drawn and see the GP again first thing Monday morning to see if we can start back on the trial medication. Hopefully, my rash and sore foot will be better by then. They are already improving. I am headed to see my sisters in Arizona on Monday, but not without that first stop at the clinic on Monday. Mostly, I'm just grateful that I'm over that first stage of itching in all those weird places. Ever see your dog or cat drag their butt on the carpet? You get the picture.

Just up here in Colorado "embracing my medications"-

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McCrea Family said...


My wife Valerie McCrea and I (Chris) Have been reading your blog. We are praying for you and you are not alone in your battle. We have the Mccrea Family blog.

God Bless...

The McCrea's!!