Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Better Luck Next Week

Robert and I drove to Prescott Valley, Arizona yesterday and are visiting my sisters, Suzie and Diane. It's nice to be on a true vacation. We bought a video/still camera today and hope to post some pictures on this blog soon.

I saw my GP yesterday morning in Ridgway on the way out of town. We didn't do blood work. He said I still have enough of the rash and swollen foot that they don't want to put me back on the clinical trial medication yet. Also, the steroid I'm taking for those symptoms is on the list of drugs that interferes with the sorafenib.

My symptoms had almost cleared, but they got worse over the weekend. It was a very stressful week. We had a good friend that was killed in an auto accident. I have been in the process of stepping down as treasurer of the local humane society, and there was a very biased article written about us that came out on Friday. I hardly slept all weekend. My blood pressure was 148/100 on Monday morning which is high for me. (It usually runs 100/80.) It's bad when your lower number is what the upper one usually is. They said this is probably due to the steroid and/or stress. They gave me some sleeping pills, but last night I was able to sleep without them. I'm trying not to add anything else to the grand "chemistry experiment" which I seem to have become.

Next week, I see my oncologist, and we're hoping I can go back on the medication then. In the mean time, we are having a wonderful time unwinding in Arizona. I'm reading poetry, cooking, and doing little "spa" things for myself.

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