Thursday, April 26, 2007


This is Caroline' s oldest sister, Suzie. Caroline and Robert are on their way to Denver for a gem and mineral show and she asked me to post the good news.
Caroline was unable to have FOLFOX chemo yesterday due to low blood count but she was able to have an Avastin infusion. The blood work prior to chemo yesterday showed her CA19-9 tumor marker to be 5,545 --- which is down from the 14,000 range. YEA!!!!
Caroline wants to thank all of you for your love and support. I want to thank you too.
After spending 11 days with her on our Gray Girls' Texas Trek, I can tell you she is one determined woman. It is beyond me how she manages to do all she does. When she undressed the first night of our trip, I was shocked to see her leg. The leg from the knee down, the ankle, foot, and toes were all incredibly swollen and there were a number of big bruises on that leg as well as other parts of her body. I was afraid the skin on her ankle was gong to split open. Ice packs and wrapping her leg definitely helped but she said it's beginning to swell again after yesterday's Avastin infusion.
Caroline will blog again as soon as she can ---- heaven knows she'll have a lot to report!
Please continue the prayers and good thoughts for my amazing sister,
Suzie Gray West

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Mary Anne said...

So glad you are back blogging again. I missed hearing how you are doing. Glad you had a good trip to Texas and to hear you are still fighting. Hope the folfax works. I'll keep watching and praying for your continued fight. God Bless Mary anne