Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Back Home - More Later

Hi Everyone!

I just got home from the most incredible trip to Texas to "touch my roots". We saw lots of old friends, family, found our "dead people" at the Cleburne Cemetary and Laureland in Dallas.

I can't thank my sisters enough for their indulgence, patience, and laughter. All three of us had "meltdowns" where we had to bitch at each other, but hey, at this point, we are close enough to do that.

I see Dr. B tomorrow - first we haveto see where my bloodwork is at. Pray for healthy red & white blood cell counts and PLATELETS! I hope I can have my FOLFOX tomorrrow!

I will post more later about the trip with pictures.

My hair is growing back in pretty fast, so I don't think I'll completely shave my head. Thanks to AC & Jean in Texas and Margaret & the Park family for all the hats. Margaret, her daughter Taylor (my new adopted daughter), and my sisters were in a Cancer Walk in Duncanville last Saturday. (We spent 1962-1969 in Duncanville and had a great experience growing up there. ) I had to ride in a wheelchair, and my dear friend from childhood, Margaret, pushed me most of the way. It was so good to reconnect with some old friends, especially Margaret and her family.

Okay, I gotta go take some pills.

My condolences to the McCrea Family. I cannot tell you how much I will miss Valerie. She was a great inspiration to me. Also, our sympathies to the Ken McKenzie (his wife passed away this week and she as well was a real fighter and inspiration to me), Warren Doyle's family, and Mary's family from Ewe & Me in Ridgway. (Sorry I can't think of Mary's last name.)

Congratulations to new parents and grandparents: Trevor & Erin from our local bakery - a boy, their first, Catcher Easton Latta; the Swim Shop people in Ouray (Jennings, fun people to bowl against),; and Julia Gregory of Austin with her new grandbaby whose name I cannot find at the minute.

Thanks everyone for your prayers, good wishes, etc. You have been a big help!

Just up here in Colorado, glad to be home, but we should be leaving town on Thursday for the spring Gem & Mineral Show in Denver if all goes well, and I can find someone to clean my port in Denver.

Sincerely, Caroline


Barbie H. Eanes said...

Hey Caroline,

I haven't emailed you before, but I have been keeping up with you. My brother is David Hoskins. I know you have been in touch with his wife, Edith. Thanks so much for all your words of encouragement it means alot, especially coming from someone who knows what we are all going through. I wish you all the best and I pray that God will heal both of you. I was also sad to hear of Val McCrea's passing. She was such an inspiration to my family. She began posting about the same time as David. David had another CT scan done yesterday along with other test. We are waiting for the results. He has not been feeling very good for the last couple of weeks. They have stopped his Chemo right now because his blood count is so low. Well, I just wanted to let you know that I think about you and I am praying for you. I live here in Virginia and if you are ever this way, please let me know.
May God Bless you.

yarnmaven said...

Glad you had a good trip and sorry to have missed you this pass. Did you make it to camp? Shug made it to see the new baby - I have photos on my flickr.com site. You must come back and meet Cooper Gregory Seaver - he is adorable! Take care and let me hear from you.


Much love, Julie