Saturday, June 10, 2006

Looking into Davanat

I have been contacted by several people about Davanat which is a carbohydrate compound being tested to lessen the effects of chemotherapy. It has shown promise in early trials with colon cancer and cholangiocarcinoma, not only in lessening the side effects of chemo, but actually shrinking tumors as well. A new trial for cholangio patients is supposed to opening soon (sooner than the several months time frame that I recently heard it would be). My oncologist and I are going to discuss this further at my appointment next week. It may mean that I'll have to quit my current chemo regimen as quickly as possible so I can be off it for the requisite time period before going on the trial. The Davanat has been used in conjunction with the chemo drug 5FU and I think they're considering other chemo drugs as well, but not the gemcitabine that I'm currently taking.

If any of my fellow cc patients are interested in this compound, I would suggest contacting the manufacturer, Pro-Pharmaceuticals, at 617-559-0033. They also have a website at There has been a cholangiocarcinoma patient who got Davanat through a compassionate use provision.

Otherwise, I have been feeling pretty good - some queasiness, but still a good appetite. I do get really tired sometimes, but for the most part, my energy level has been good.

Just up here in Colorado enjoying the summer weather and spending time with my sister Diane.

Sincerely, Caroline

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Arlene said...

You are in my thoughts and prayers. Arlene in Alabama