Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Chemo #3 Today, Contacted About a New Trial

Robert & I went to Grand Junction today for my third infusion of Gemzar. My blood draw went very smoothly today. I got to attend a portion of my support group. The last two weeks I got 75% of a full infusion, but today I got 100%.

Dr. Bergen pointed out some items in my blood chemistry that are elevated. He said that these indicate the cancer or the chemo or both. He said if they keep elevating, we may have to add another chemo to the mixture. He mentioned one drug that is new and that may be controversial with my insurance company the name of which escapes me.

I was contacted tonight by a man from New Hampshire about a new compound being tested in conjunction with chemo for reducing the side effects of chemo, but in Phase I of testing, a cholangio patient had very good results with it affecting her tumors in a positive way. It's supposed to be in Phase II for cholangio, but on the www.clinicaltrials.gov site, it said it was being tested for colorectal cancer. The compound is a carbohydrate called Davanat manufactured by ProPharmaceuticals. (www.pro-pharmaceuticals.com, 617-559-0033 x115) I'm going to contact them tomorrow about this trial. I hope it really is being tested for cholangio. If you go to the manufacturer's website, there is an article from February this year about it being used in cholangio.

My sister Diane drove in today from Arizona, and it is so nice to have her here. She's going to help me with some things around the house and at work.

It's late and I better hit the hay.

Just up here in Colorado with my hope being restored each day.

Sincerely, Caroline

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The Johnson Family said...

We are going to UAB tomorrow if Sam can make the trip. I will ask Dr. Posey about the trial and let you know what I find out. I read that Birmingham will sometime get trials quicker than other locations. Sam is so sick and has suffered unbelievably for the last three weeks. We just cannot get the pain level under control. Hopefully they will be able to do something tomorrow. Hang in there; it was good to hear from you on our blog.