Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Stent Placement Not So Good

We went to Denver last Thursday after I had a platelet transfusion in Grand Junction. We went into CU-Anshcutz Oncology Center for an outpatient surgery expected to tak two hours, but it took almost twice as long. They were only able to implant one stent in on of the contortef bile ducts, and they had to go through the stomach wall. I was kept for observation on Friday night and realeasd Saturday to come home.

They say it'll take a week fot the jaundice to go away. One of the bile ducts may have a malignancy. I kept aski for solid food - I hadn't eaten in two nigts. I got jello, broth, juice etc. I feel not so bad right now, but I'm taking losts of meds for pain. They put me on some antiobiotics for a few days for infection.

I see my main onocologist on Wednesday, Nov. 12th in GJ, the gastroenterologit on Nov.20th. We are planning to go to the Socorro Mineral Symposium this Thursday. I'm feeling up to it and my sister Suzie should be there.

Did I mention that our car broke down last Wednesday on our way home from GJ. Looks like it'll just be the clutch. We called our friends, Art & Brenda Fox. Thanks guys.

I also saw a bear in our yard last week. He ripped a limb off the apple tree and just reclined against one of our box elders. I was searching in vain for my camera. Then a car load of tourists came by and started taking pictures and the bear whipped around the back of our house.

I don't know exactly what's next for me, but I'm going to talk to this tumor, tell my bile duct to untangle. I appreciate your thougts, love, and prayers. It helps keep me going.

I will go back to CU-Med for another stent implant in about 7-8weeks. These stents are plastic and have to be replaced every few months. I worry about the infection that comes along with these stents going in and out of your body.

Just up here in Colorado looking forward to winter and a time of release.



Betty Johnson said...

Wishing you a speedy recovery and hope you will soon be eating a big steak. You are definitely in my thoughts everyday.
Love Betty

ducks on the go said...

Carolyn, You're amazing! You are in my prayers. Blessings, Charlotte

Hoskins Family said...

Hi Caroline,

Glad you're back! I'm not really sure what's the difference bet. plastic and metal stents (other than metal is more expensive) but Dave had metal stent (they were able to put only one in) and it lasted 16 months before it was replaced. He never had any infection with it. You might want to think about it so that you don't have to go through it every so often.

I'm so sorry that Dave's passing made you so sad. His case was so different from yours. When he was diagnosed, the cancer was all over inside him, (liver, abdomen, lungs and God knows where). He was given 6 mos. (the most) to live. He became a challenge to all the medical staff at the Oncology Clinic/Ward and a walking miracle at the corridors of the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, MD.

Take care and hope you will feel better soon.



Charles Patterson said...

Jill hooked me up to your site and Trisha and I will continue to check back on your progress.
We are wearing out I-35 between the new OK place and our Bedford home - all our physicans are still in TX so we schedule appmnts in groups to avoid tiring of the travel.
Have talaked with Yvonne Duvall several times since they returned from Ouray. Vick was having some difficulty with medications but is doing better now.Tell Robert hello and know you are in our prayers and we consider ourselves blessed to count you both as friends.
Charles & Patricia Patterson

yarnmaven said...

Hey girl, I'm thinking about you. Rest up and holler bext time you head to Texas.

Charlie & Blanca said...

Dear Caroline,
In the craziness of my life that I am so caught up in, you make me remember how blessed we are. I enjoy your blog. So glad you are keeping us in the loop. Wow you are on the road so much. I am suprised your rear end is not tired from all the traveling. The bear story is amazing.In Euless, we get excited when a squirel comes down to eat. Love you and Blanca and I are thinking of you and remembering our time in Ouray with you and Robert. Please tell him hi from us. Keep up the blog and know that we are with you, just not enjoying the same beautiful scenery that you see every day. Charlie.