Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Sorry I haven't blogged in two weeks!

We went to Socorro two weekends ago. I got to see my New Mexico friends, Dave & Mary Lou Comer and Toni Duggan. My sister Suzie came from Prescott and we went to the widlife refuge. We saw a coyote there. Got home and did poetry classes again and then went to Denver for a second time to talk to Dr. Durham and SIRT spheres. She said the juandice is an issue and I have to get my billirubin down below two and it's at 8 currently.

Dr. Bergen in Grand Junction referred me to Dr. Durham in Denver. So did Dr. Kane from CU Med Center. They also want me to see another oncologist at CU Med Center, but Dr. Durham said we don't know if that was necessary. So last week, we saw Dr. Bergen on Thursday for a bone hardener infusion, then drove to Denver that night for our appointment with Dr. Durham. There is another chemo that Dr. Durham thinks I should try, as well as Dr. Bergen.

I also have an appointment for a stent replacement and to watch for malignancy in the liver bile duct in Denver with Dr. Fukami on January 16th.

I have felt tired, dizzy, confused, clumsy, pain, and fatigued. I still have hearing loss in my left ear. My hair is growing back which is nice. I'm going to a luncheon next week in Grand Junction for my support group which I always enjoyed.

And my 53rd birthday on Sunday! So I will make it another year.

Thanks again for cards, letters, help, support, prayers.

Just up here in Ouray happy to get one year older.

Sincerely, Caroline


Mary Anne said...

Hi Caroline,
Well Happy Birthday to you. I rembember last year when you were so happy to make 52 and here you are. Maybe a little worse for wear but still going and still doing. Godd for you God Bless Mary anne

yarnmaven said...

I missed your brithday, DAMN! I hope it was happy. I've been thinking about you. Do holler at me if you get to Texas soon. Take care and get strong.

Love, Julie

scheusj said...

Happy Birthday and all the best to you and Robert.
Jill and Steven Scheu
Spangler House B&B
Ouray, CO