Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Recent Photos

I'm still not realy good with this photo stuff.

Photo of me with woman in maroon sweats is Leslie Stoufer, my sister-in-law from Mississippi.
We're on the Durango-Silverton train. She heads a surgery unit in Jackson.

The photo of me with the woman in red hair is long time friend, Alana Miller. She lives in Colorado Springs and has an older daughter that graduated from Colorado School of Mines with an engineering degree, and her youunger daughter just graduated from Embry Midlin here in Prescott. She now has a job in Phoenix. These women are not afraid of science. Alana works for Barnes & Noble now and we always talk about books.

The picture of me in the cowboy shirt is with Jeff & Sharon Rowe and Pete & Barb Crossan.
They live in Salida, although Barb and Pete will be spending some time in Florida tis year.

The black lab puppy belongs to my friend Margaret Park Thomas and her daughter Taylor. He looks very much like a black lab we had growing up named Black Jack.

The yellow tabby in the bed is my constant companion Biscuit.

Next is Ruth, a breast cancer survivor whose hair has grown back. She's been a great inspiration to me. We were diagnosed with cancer about the same time.

Next is a photo of my husband Robert and stepson Ian in front of Ian's favorite vegetarian restaurant in Denver, The Watercourse. Ian is a vegan - doesn't eat any animal products.

Then we have a classic shot of the Durango-Silvetrton train which I rode last week with Robert's brother Mike and his wife Leslie. It was wonderful!

Lastly, I have a picture of Robert feeding a doe an apple off our apple tree. The deer and bears have really been wreaking havoc on that poor little tree.

All for now. Must scoot.

Sincerely, Caroline


Mary Anne said...

Hi Caroline,
Haven't been on the blogs in several weeks but glad to see you are still traveling and doing Ok. glad you got some info on the SR spheres. You still have your great smile and attitude. Glad you had a good trip. God Bless Mary Anne Coburn

Charlie & Blanca said...

Hi Caroline,
It was good to see your October update and we loved the photos. Our best to Robert. Love you. Charlie & Blanca