Thursday, October 25, 2007

I Am Jaundiced

I have a lot to catch up on but the most recent thing is that I really had a hard time after my last FOLFOX on Wednesday, Oct. 17th. I started noticing my eyes turning yellow on Sunday. It appears I have a bile duct blockage and will need a stent soon. I saw Dr. Kane, a specialist from Denver yesterday. She said some tumors may have grown in my liver and are squeezing the bile duct or I may have a tumor in the bile duct itself. I was so tired this weekend that I slept a whole bunch. I got mouth sores really bad - it was hard to talk, eat, or drink.

Dr. Kane is recommending that I not do FOLFOX next Wednesday, Oct. 31st. She is also recommending seeing a gastroenterologist and possibly some other doctors in Denver for ERCP and some interventional radition therapy such as the SIRT spheres.

I had an ultrasound on my liver yesterday which was inconclusive.

We have had several snows here but the last one was on a Sunday when I couldn't move, so it was nice to watch the snow fall. But the last few days have been outrageously gorgeous - very sunny.

I must apologize - I owe phone calls and e-mails to several friends. I don't think I've checked my e-mail for two weeks.

Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers.

Just up here in Colorado soaking up the sunshine before too much more winter gets here.

Sincerely, Caroline


Betty Johnson said...

Caroline - so sorry to hear of your recent problems but I know you will come through like you usually do. You're a tough cookie.
Hang in there.

yarnmaven said...

I'm thinking about you dear. Dont' worry about returning emails. Just rest and build your strength. And hug that husband of yours. Take care.


Mary Anne said...

Hang in there Caroline,
Youa re a strong lady. Don't worry about answering anything. Take care of yourself. Enjoy the snow, think good thoughts and know that many are praying for you. God Bless Mary Anne

celoi said...

Hello Caroline.

I am sorry to hear about your 'set back'. I hope you feel better soon.
Get you some rest.

Cook Family

Hoskins Family said...

Hi Caroline,

Thinking and praying for you always!