Friday, July 06, 2007

Headed to Taos, New Mexico for Memoir Class

My friend, Jody Curphy, is driving me to Taos (as she did last year) for a writing workshop in Taos, NM. We had a great time in 2006 and I'm repeating a memoir class with Barbara Robinette Moss who wrote Change Me Into Zeus's Daughter and Fierce, both excellent memoirs. Barbara is a wonderful teacher as well as an artist. We leave on Saturday and I'll be gone a week.

I got to be in the parade here on the 4th. I was part of the Woman's Club float. Most people didn't recognize me with my very short hairdo. (I have lost my hair and it is coming back in like a bristle brush. I do miss my hair, and I have some wigs, but right now they are too hot to wear.) We have a great Fourth of July here - old fashioned parade, water fights (people try to knock each other down with a very strong water hose from the fire hydrants), and awesome fireworks.- the sound echoing off the mountains in our notch is really something. We had a great day in the bookstore. It was really hot, and no one minded getting wet at the water fights. In fact, this is my 12th Fourth of July here, and it is the first one I can remember where we weren't in sweaters at night. I ate all day - BBQ ribs from the Masons, brisket from the Elks. I escaped to the Elks Rummage Sale for several hours and got some great bargains. I would shop in the sun, sit under the tent at the Elks, get up and shop some more, etc. I was at the bookstore most of the day and saw so many people. I got lots of hug therapy - hope I didn't affect my platelets or white blood cells.

I am sorry to report that a friend of mine in Denver passed away this morning from pancreatic cancer, but she fought for four years - quite a record. I met Margaret Mullen through my friend Jody who's driving me over to Taos. In fact, Margaret had my oncologist while he was at Kaiser Permanente in Denver. We both think he's great. Margaret was at home under hospice care. Her mother said she went to sleep for about three hours and just didn't wake up.

Jody and I are going to Taos in celebration of Margaret's life. When I pass, I want everyone to go to something fun in my honor.

I have to scoot. I got messed up on my meds yesterday and didn't sleep last night, and I'm paying the price today. Have a million things to do before leaving tomorrow.

Sincerely, Caroline


Jan said...

Hi Caroline---June is a blur, and I seem to have lost touch with you. Please know that you've been in my thoughts and prayers. Spose you've heard that we are moving back to Denver. Warren is already there and I am staying to sell the house, which means I could be here for some time. Forrest will stay for his senior year and live with the Martinez family.
So want to get together and spend some time with you. Call me when you get back and we'll put something together. Miss you and Love you! Jan

Caroline Stoufer said...

Jan -

I've been meaning to call you. I miss seeing you.

I may need someone to come over and watch me next week or the one after, or I need to go somehere and be watched.

We should probably also do dinner with boys sometime. I still need to have lunch with my Coachlight Bus Boys.

Anxious to hear about the move back to Denver.

Love, Caroline

Mary Anne said...

Glad to hear the report on your scan. Hope the writing seminar was good. Sorry we couldn't get together when we passed through Euray but glad to hear you are doing better. Joe is off treatment for a month and then will continue IPT here in Illinois in a few weeks. Keep fighting. We all need each other. Mary Anne Coburn

Mac said...

Hi Caroline. Jody said you had a good trip, I hope you are doing well. send me an email, I'd like to converse with you, if you want.
Jody can give you my email address.
Thinking of you daily,