Monday, March 19, 2007



Okay, I'm on the pump! (I call it Hanz-Franz.) It makes a little "zzzt" noise every now and then. It's comforting in some weird way. It's pumping 5FU into me which is the same as Xeloda that I took in pill form previously. I also had some minerals and folic acid and for the first time, Oxaliplatin. I was to have Avastin, too, but I just had it 9 days ago and couldn't have it again today. I hope Dr. B doesn't think I wanted FOLFOX just so I could have a bag to accessorize.

I saw Dr. Kane last Monday in Montrose, and she wanted me to go on this regime. It's worked really well on our friend George Moore who has colon cancer. (We will stop and see George & Glenda in Texas on our way home from our trip.) Dr. B says he's not so sure FOLFOX worked as well on cholangio, but I wanted to try it out and he's agreeable. The Gemzar is probably going to induce the radiation recall and pain. I do have some cramping in my feet. Any cholangio patients out there with stories of FOLFOX, good or bad? I'm all ears.

I have a CT-scan on Wednesday in GJ and will get the pump taken off then and flushed. This "pulling the plug" on the pump after 46 hours is critical in that it has to be flushed by the right people. In the future, I'll probably go to Mountain Medical in Ridgway for flushing. It'll be good to see those folks again.

I was on the ceiling today at Dr. B's office from the steroids. He and Amy his nurse had just gotten back from vacation. (Amy rode the big roller coaster for me at Disneyworld and screamed! I hope to get to Elitch Gardens in Denver this spring - Jody are you listening? Water World maybe when it gets warmer.) I was too busy being the village idiot to remember to call the insurance company last week and get pre-authorization for this new treatment, but we were able to handle it this morning. I had to be a pain in the ass to several people to get it done. Not the smoothest of mornings, but it'll be better next time. Robert missed City Council meeting. I wanted to go tonight as they were talking about going "Home Rule". As former City Treasurer, I would like to see this passed. I also wanted to encourage a party to sweep Main Street.

This chemo will give me fatigue, nausea, and diarrhea. But I figure that's no reason to lie in bed and complain. You may see me out, but if I run in the bathroom all the sudden, you'll understand.

Also, if I am sleeping, I will try to remember to disconnect the phone. If I answer and I am groggy, just bear with me. If I need to go back to sleep I'll tell you. But sometimes it's good to have people to talk to. If anyone wants to come over and watch TV when I'm in those slow times, just holler. It might give Robert a break, and it'd be your day to watch me. I do have to more sensitive to infection now.

Two favors to ask everyone. Please do not send me jokes or unnecessary, sweet, little e-mails. My in-box is overflowing. Yes, they're nice, but I don't have time to read them or even figure out if I need to read them. I do love to get cards/post cards in the mail - P.O. Box 1884, Ouray, CO 81427. I think the art of letter writing has been lost.

Two, if you call, would you leave your number on the answering machine. You may save me a trip to walk in the other room. My legs really cramp up sometimes.

I will also experience neuropathy (sp?) which is a side effect where you can't drink or have cold drinks, etc. I can't have ice cream for five days. At first I thought, Carol the infusion nurse (one of my favorites) said no ice cream ever again. I was especially bummed, as we are going south where they have "Blue Bell, the best ice cream in the country!" But it's just for five days. Little Creamery in Brenham, here I come.

Just up here in Colorado, not being a "girly-girl". I've got Hanz/Franz on my side.

Thanks you for your prayers. I pray fo us all.

Okay, I gotta to go take a pill.

Sincerly, Caroline

I may have cancer, but I'm having a good time!

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Mary Anne said...

Hi Caroline,
You have such a great attitude, I love reading your blog. I hope this new treatment works for you. We pray for you everyday and all our fellow cc patients that someone will find a way to beat this. We know God has a plan and we pray that it is to rid you body of this disease. Keep on truckin' as they say. God bless Mary Anne