Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Second Place

We started out bowling really well last night and took the first two games, but Hawaiian Heat came on strong in the third game and beat us in total points as well. So we took two of four games. We are now in second place. If the OJ's (Lynn Olin and the Jennings brothers) take all four of their games this week, we will be tied for second and have to have a bowl-off with them for 2nd. They're supposed to be really tough right now.

My scratch scores were 109, 88, and 112. Mike Wage, our best bowler, had a scratch score of 204 in the first game.

Well, it looks like we'll "medal" (end up in the top three). The no-tap league starts mid-February and our team plans to bowl then, too.

I have a cold today, so I am laying low and getting some bookkeeping done. My husband Robert is in City Council meeting all day and tonight as well. He had to get up at 5:30 am this morning as the City Council cooks breakfast for the employees once a year and today was that day.

I watched part of the Golden Globes last night, and I was glad to see Hugh Laurie win for "House". We recently watched The Chorus (La Chorista) and Men with Brooms on DVD and they were both good. Men with Brooms is a comedy about the sport of curling.

Back to work!

Just up here in Colorado, understanding what Michelle Kwan felt like when she got the silver at the Olympics. I still feel good about myself!

Sincerely, Caroline

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