Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Xeloda Suspended, Avastin Coming, Headed to Taos

I had my seventh infusion of Gemzar on Monday and get next week off of chemo - yeah! I was taking Xeloda orally until this morning. I developed mouth sores and hand-foot syndrome. (It probably didn't help that I worked 13 hours yesterday in the bookstore although I tried to stay off my feet. The Fourth of July is one of our biggest retail days of the year, so I really needed to be there from open to close, but I did have some help, too.) Anyway, Dr. Bergen said that I should quit taking the Xeloda due to the side effects, but he has gotten Avastin approved by my insurance company which he wants to start when I resume chemo week after next. I believe it will be a drug delivered intraveneously as well. It's my understanding that it is used mostly for colon cancer. I'll find out more on July 18th.

I am headed to Taos, New Mexico for a writing workshop, and my good friend Jody (from Denver) is going to drive me there and stay with me during my week of classes. I'm taking beginning screenwriting and beginning memoir. I'm planning to work with the film class from Ouray High School next year on a film about my cancer experience. Robert will drive me to Salida on Friday, and we'll meet Jody there and have lunch with our friends Barb & Pete who live in Salida. I'm very grateful that Jody is willing to be my travelling companion.

I have had that queasy feeling somewhat today and some tiredness, but not as bad as in some past weeks. They took blood on Monday for the tumor marker, but as of this morning, they didn't have the results yet. Hemoglobin is back down to 11.7.

It's been raining here which is a good thing. The fireworks were beautiful last night.

Well, it's late and I have a million things to do tomorrow before I leave town. I will try to keep my blog updated while I'm gone next week.

Just up here in Colorado selling books - making money while the tourists are here!

Sincerely, Caroline

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