Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Greetings from Taos

I am on vacation from chemo this week, but I am having some swelling in my ankles and knees. The Peterson Family blog said that low hemoglobin could be the culprit and mine has been just below the anemic line. My CA 19-9 tumor marker was back down to 2800 something last week. When I go back next week, I know Dr. Bergen wants to start Avastin, but I don't know how soon, I'm guessing the day of the appointment.

Otherwise, I feel pretty darn good and have a good appetite. In fact, I think I've gained some weight. I do have some pain in the joints from the swelling, some in the abdomen from the enlarged liver pressing on the liver's capsule or membrane. Or could it be the inner incision from the surgery or from the tumors? Anyway, we won't really know how the chemo is working until the next scan which Dr. Bergen wants to do after the next chemo cycle. He says the bloodwork also helps him monitor where we're at. My billirubin and liver enzymes have been okay. Some other blood chemistry related to the liver is up, and he's watching that. The tumor marker gives him some indication of disease progression but isn't entirely reliaable.

The writing conference is great! I had a screenwriting class last weekend and this week I'm in a beginning memoir class with Barbara Robinette Moss. Her memoir is Change Me Into Zeus's Daughter, and now she has a second one entitled Fierce. I've read the first one and it was so good. She is a wonderful instructor. In fact, I need to get back to my writing.

I went to Taos Pueblo on Monday, something I'd never done despite having once lived in New Mexico and having visited here many times. I said a little prayer in the Pueblo church for myself, othere cholangio patients, and for everyone I know. Then, I bought myself a few trinkets in the shops including a storyteller figurine to help inspire my writing.

Just here in Taos writing about my cancer experiences. Maybe I really will get a book written before I leave this world.

Sincerely, Caroline


Lori said...


You're ALREADY writing the most beautiful book, just happens to be in the form of a blog!!! I'm only sorry about your inspiration ... I hate that cancer is the reason I know about you.

I'm the daughter of a cholangio patient and I live in Houston. I pray ABOUT and FOR you and the others every single day. My prayer for you specifically is that you will find your heart's desire--don't know for certain why that's my prayer, but it is.

Thank you for sharing your experience, and for being so honest about how you feel. Your postings sometimes make me laugh, cry, smile, or have a lump in my throat. This little community (and thank God it is little)is important to all of us going through this life-changing disease. We need each other.

Just down in here in Texas praying fervently and knowing that God is at work.

Best to you today and every day,


The Johnson Family said...

I had no idea your husband was from Jackson, Mississipp. That town has some wonderful shops. It
is only about 2 1/2 hour drive from Demopolis. By the way, I am only letting Sam have about 5 peanuts at a time; he loves them but they give him indigestion. It sounds as if you are doing well and having some good days. Hang in there and keep it up.