Sunday, December 23, 2007

Caroline's Video: In Case I Die

Rick has posted Caroline's video to:

Thank you, Rick!

This video was made by the Ouray High School Film Class - specifically Kelsey Winfrey and Zach Ficco, as well as their teacher, Nancy Nixon.

Zach and Kelsey apparently shot about 5 hours of film. The video, In Case I Die, has been edited to 17 minutes.

Those of you who come to this CC site are dealing with a very important fact of life: facing your own death or that of someone you love. I think those of you who visit this site and are familiar with Caroline's blogs will appreciate this film - its humor and honesty.

I've decided God needed someone who thinks outside-the-box. I'm sure Caroline is shaking things up a bit in Heaven.

Love to you all,

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