Thursday, October 12, 2006

Scenes from a Happy Fall

Here are some pictures from a recent roll of film. The first one was taken last Tuesday after we got snow up high in the mountains - sorry for the telephone wires. The next one is from the Hot Springs Pool Park. Next is deer in our front yard. Then there's me having a slump day with my "kitty heaters" Dumplin' (the calico) and Biscuit (the yellow tabby) - sorry for the mess in the background. Then there's one of our new bench at the cemetary and the view across the valley.

We went today to Grand Junction for chemo. Dr. Bergen thinks the pain in my left hip could be bursitis. He said Ibuprofen should help the pain (it does). My red blood cells were 11.9 (normal is 13), but I didn't have a shot for stimulating red blood cells. They don't like to give it if your red blood cells are over 12, and since I was close, we didn't do it. My platelets are slightly below normal. Several liver enzymes were out of range, but not by much. I think I got a bigger dose of Gemzar today. Also, I have been back on Xeloda since Monday night. My feet are tingling, so that means I need to stay off them as much as possible, plus rest is good for the bursitis.

My next CT scan is November 1st.

I am working on my part for the Museum Fundraiser on Saturday. I've been researching my character, Verena Jacobson. It is an honor to portray her. Hopefully, I'll have some pictures from the show. It will be held at the Wright Opera House which is in the first photo above.

I better get to bed. I had my blog all done and the computer did a time out, and I lost the whole thing. I did have steroids today, so I'm a bit awake.

Robert and I rented the documentary, Born Into Brothels, and we thought it was very good. We were riveted to the TV. We have rented the documentary Woodstock and are going to watch with some of the locals who were there. I currently have the sci-fi channel on, so Close Encounters of the Third Kind is playing. The spaceship just landed.

Up here in Colorado, embracing the meds.

Sincerely, Caroline

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